Embodied-Relational Therapy meets Radix

Stephen Tame & Judith Salling-Ash

Date: 22/02/2020 - 23/02/2020
10:00 am - 5:00 pm

About this event

Weekend Workshop
Embodied-Relational Therapy meets Radix

The Hearthside Room, The Old Manse, Bovey Tracey, Devon (TBC)
Cost £180   (earlybird £155 if paid by 15th Jan 2020)

Stephen Tame & Judith Salling-Ash

We are excited to be synthesising these two strands of Reichian growth work.

For Stephen, including Radix is something of a return to source, bringing the dynamism and structure of Radix into his work with clients and trainees.  Judith is enjoying collaborating – exploring the differences and similarities between Radix and Embodied-Relational Therapy (ERT), enlivening her Reichian work.

We will be incorporating Radix into the ERT 4 stage model, moving through:

Contact            Information gathering            Amplifying      Integrating.

In keeping with Reichian work, we intend to give attention to what emerges and wants to be expressed as we move through the weekend.

Stephen trained in what is now Embodied-Relational Therapy (ERT) a long time ago, starting back in 1991 – it is a damn good synthesis of various therapeutic strands. The strongest central rope is Reichian body psychotherapy, drawing on the work of Wilhelm Reich, and continuing to be developed by practitioners since that time. Stephen’s ERT work draws particularly on the information held in the relating between the therapist and client – the embodied transference and countertransference.

In the last few years, Stephen has been seeking out training in more purely Reichian work, which has led him to Radix.

Radix offers a rigorous model for understanding emotional/physical armouring  as well as the earlier softer structures, and a robust confidence in a clear and raw approach to the work. The approach is intuitive and follows the process (particularly of the body) faithfully, within a strong frame created by clear structural reasoning and exercises.

Stephen writes: I’ve found that Radix has woken up my psychotherapy practice – I’m more relaxed and confident in supporting my clients to work physically and robustly, and it has usefully shifted my focus slightly away from the relational between a client and myself, to recentralising the client’s experience, with the relational in service to them and their process.

I’ve found this very refreshing, and am really pleased to be co-leading this weekend training workshop with Judith Salling-Ash. Judith is an experienced practitioner, and has spent more time engaged in Radix work than almost anybody else in the UK – She is a solid, compassionate, courageous practitioner.

We’ll be bringing Radix and ERT together for this weekend – each supporting the other. This is an exciting new venture – never been done before, to our knowledge, and could be the start of great things to come. This weekend would serve as a good taster for the Embodied Relational Therapy training starting in April 2020, and as a stepping stone into further Radix work and training.

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Stephen Tame:
Stephen Tame is a relational body psychotherapist, with decades of experience and enthusiasm working with clients and trainees. He is a member of the Embodied-Relational Therapy and the Wild therapy training teams. He continues to learn from his colleagues, clients, trainees, other trainers and the wider world. http://www.stephentame.co.uk

Judith Salling-Ash:
Judith originally trained in TA psychotherapy and became interested in body psychotherapy and Radix specifically as part of her journey to come home to her own body.   She works in private practice in Swindon where she enjoys the privilege of connecting with and discovering other embodied souls.  Her work is influenced by non-dual perspectives and supported by current neuroscience thinking. https://www.jsatherapy.co.uk/

The Hearthside Room, The Old Manse
Mary Street
Bovey Tracey,
TQ13 9HQ

Contact Details
Contact Person: Stephen Tame
Email: stephentame@gmail.com
More contact details: https://www.jsatherapy.co.uk/
Website: https://erthworks.co.uk/events/embodied-relational-therapy-meets-radix/

£180 (earlybird £155 if paid by 15th Jan 2020)