Working with Erotic Charge

Allison Priestman

Date: 16/05/2020
All Day

About this event

Erotic desire is a universal impulse and an essential ingredient of life. Without the fire, the playfulness and the energy of the erotic our lives can become deadened. Yet when the erotic enters the therapy room it can become deeply challenging for both client and therapist.

When clients become attracted to us, or we become attracted to them, our capacity to think and feel creatively and clinically can become compromised. This workshop seeks to resource practitioners to work with the erotic in their practice. My aim is to normalise this material and to support whatever needs to be faced of our professional and cultural taboos.

This day workshop will include:- experiential exercise, group supervision and theory input; especially drawing from Relational Body Psychotherapy. The group will be small 6 to 10 people to support safety and sharing. I have facilitated this workshop several times over the past seven years, each day has felt enlivening, enjoyable and illuminating. I hope you can join me.

This workshop would serve as useful ‘taster’ for my Playing with Fire course starting in October.

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Contact Person: Allison Priestman
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£90 (early bird, by March 31st, £75)