Wild Therapy weekend workshop

Nick Totton

Date: 04/05/2019 - 05/05/2019
All Day

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Cost: £240

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Psychotherapy has recently experienced the turn to relationality, and the turn to the body. Now we are beginning to see the turn outside – out of the consulting room, out of the obsessive focus on the private world of humans, and towards a realisation that we are wholly dependent on the wider world of which we are a part, on the other-than-human and more-than-human, on the wildness that surrounds and contains our familiar domesticity.

But just as important as taking therapy outside is what happens when we bring it back into the therapy room, and find that it has changed – leading us to revise our conceptions of what therapy is, and of the relationship between individuals and larger networks, in ways which support a deeper, humbler and wilder approach to our work.

On this weekend workshop I will present one particular model of outdoor work: Wild Therapy, which is a book, a training course, and a practice (www.wildtherapy.org.uk). The core of the workshop will be a direct experience of working outdoors, at Arthur’s Seat; we will build up to this and build down from it through a mix of emotional and theoretical work. The weekend will not be tightly structured, but open to what arises in individuals and the group.

Gestalt Institute
51 Lothian Road


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