Wild Therapy One Year Training

Wild Therapy One Year Training

Jayne Johnson & Leonie Guest

Date: 02/06/2022 - 09/05/2023
2:00 pm

About this event

As the human world wakes up to our relationship with nature, and therapists of many kinds become aware of the crucial connections and disconnections between therapists, clients and nature, this training offers you the opportunity to re-connect with the natural world and to re-wild your practice. To immerse yourself in nature both outdoors and indoors, in mind and body, in the connections you experience in community, in yourself and with your clients.

• Working out of doors we’ll allow ourselves to encounter and work with the other-than-human and the more-than-human – animals, birds, plants, spirits, hills, trees, rivers, lights, winds, dreams, ghosts; and bring them into the therapeutic process. We’ll be exploring solo, in twos and threes and in the whole group.

• Creating Community through living, working, eating and playing together with each other and with our natural companions, we may soften from our human-centric view and deepen into sensing the value of all that lives. Connecting with these qualities within and between ourselves, we’ll explore and discover how this may change and broaden our therapeutic work.

• An exploration and celebration of therapy’s wildness – its capacity to transcend the limitations we place on our creativity and connectedness. We’ll work on the edge between fear-based strategies and opening to our own wildness, welcoming spontaneity and the unknown as we notice and trust what arises.

• The practical magic of feeling into the innate wisdom of our interconnected wild nature, embodying this and bringing it into our therapeutic and personal relationships.

Cost: Cost: £2370 – early bird £2150 before 31st January 2022. Price includes accommodation and all meals. For more detailed course information and to book please contact: leonieguest@talktalk.net Tel 07759 007664

This is an immersive, supportive, challenging, playful, down-to-earth training facilitated by Jayne and Leonie, themselves immersed in the theory and practice of Wild Therapy. Explored and developed originally by Nick Totton and has been running for 10 years. Jayne and Leonie are members of the Wild Therapy training team.

Jayne: www.shamanismembodied.com Leonie: www.leonieguestpsychotherapy.co.uk

Middlewood Trust
Backsbottom Farm
Roeburndale West

Contact Details
Contact Person: Jayne Johnson
Email: mail@jaynejohnson.co.uk
More contact details: Leonie Guest: leonieguest@talktalk.net

Cost: £2370 – early bird £2150 before 31st January 2022