Therapy with Character 3 weekend course

Nick Totton

Date: 09/02/2019 - 10/02/2019
All Day

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February 9th-10th, June 15th-16th, November 23rd-24th
Offwell, Devon
Therapy with Character

£690 for 3 weekends

What makes character theory (as originated by Freud and developed by Wilhelm Reich) different from the many other ways of categorising people is its grounding in embodiment, and specifically in each individual’s history of embodiment. Character brings together several apparently very different aspects of a person, and shows them to be profoundly linked: developmental history, body structure, emotional attitudes, underlying belief system, relationship style, all emerge as different facets of a fundamental style of being-in-the-world.

Character is an enormously useful tool for grasping what matters to our clients and how they need us to communicate with them. Having a character can be as creative as it can be limiting. Human beings come into the world with two equally urgent priorities: to express ourselves, and to protect ourselves. The ongoing tension and reciprocity between these two poles, as they are conditioned by the different circumstances, restrictions and possibilities afforded to each individual, create the space within which an embodied human personality is shaped.

It is only when we grasp character in our own body that the system starts to be meaningful and useable. Therefore this short course will be strongly experiential in its focus, centred on a series of pairwork exercises to give us a direct taste of each of the six main character structures.

The course is open to any interested practitioners of psychotherapy, counselling and/or other bodymind approaches. It should be understood that the experiential exercises can be deeply stirring.

Judy Shaw
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