Stepping into Wild Mind, our Ecological Consciousness Webinar

Stepping into Wild Mind, our Ecological Consciousness Webinar

Nick Totton and Allison Priestman

Date: 14/05/2021
10:30 am - 1:00 pm

About this event

Wild Mind is a meta skill, a way of being, an active meditation. When in Wild Mind we are resting in our embodiment, being aware of the whole of our experience. Paying attention to our clients facial expressions, the intonation of their voice, to the light dancing in the room, the cat at the window, and the tension in our stomach.

In Wild Mind we give even attention to all channels of information. Finding a balance between our intellectual thoughts and our clinical intuition. Making space for dreams, flights of fantasy, coincidences and the seemingly inconsequential. Allowing these to be sources of information about the whole situation we are in with our clients.

In connecting to Wild Mind we step into our own wildness, whatever the context we are working in with our clients. Stepping into our ecological consciousness, the connection to the other-than- human and more-than-human that is our birth right.

Wild Mind is a way of being that is counter cultural, and at times hard to maintain. It asks of us a degree of openness, and strength to withstand the daily misunderstandings and non- recognition of its validity. It asks us to radically challenge our internal hierarchies and to stand in a different paradigm of what it means to be human being and what it means to be therapeutic.

We hope you can join us, for a creative exploration. The webinar will be limited to 23 participants.

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