Power and Privilege Webinar

Power and Privilege Webinar

Nick Totton and Allison Priestman

Date: 15/10/2021
10:30 am - 1:00 pm

About this event

The latest in our series ‘How To Be A Bad Therapist’, – grasping the nettle, to talk about power and privilege in therapy.

Second only to money in the embarrassment stakes, power and privilege are not discussed in therapy nearly as much as they should be. In this webinar, the latest in our occasional series ‘How To Be A Bad Therapist’, we intend to grasp the nettle and explore how silence about these issues can be a strong obstruction to therapy, while discussing them frankly can be a tremendous boost, allowing the client (and us) to revisit painful and taboo material.

The question of power is directly and unavoidably present in the therapy session. Who’s in charge? Who picks the topics? Who decides what is real and what is not? As therapists we need to be very clear about our implicit power and all the indirect ways in which we can and often do exercise it. We need to be open to challenge and dethronement as a key part of the work. We also need to be fully aware of how social rank and privilege come into the work, through differences of class, gender, skin colour, sexuality, age and many other factors.

The webinar will use direct presentation, discussion, and exercises to explore these issues. This webinar will be limited to 23 places; please book early if you can.

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