Non-visible disability and long-term health conditions.

Non-visible disability and long-term health conditions.

Allison Priestman

Date: 21/06/2024
10:00 am - 1:00 pm

About this event

What is the lived reality of people with hidden disability and long-term health conditions? How might we offer appropriate, empowering therapy? How can we be allies to our clients living with these experiences?

I will offer an intersectional, disability lens, to explore some of the lived reality of hidden impairments – unpacking our own internalised ableism, the ableism of the therapy world and of embodied, somatic practices. Exploring if and how a disability lens may be helpful for us and our clients.

Embodied-Relational Therapy has grown from an ablest, Body Psychotherapy tradition. It also has much to offer the exploration of what it is to be an embodied being. ERT offers a framework for understanding the complexity of being a body/mind/spirit. How conflicts within aspects of ourselves, our family system, and our wider culture can manifest in our embodiment.

How can we support our clients to find resources within their embodied experience, when our bodies might be experienced as painful, problematic, and untrustworthy? Our bodies are also the site of difference, potential internalised shame and of being othered.

I am not claiming to be an expert- I have my lived experience of hidden disability, for the past sixteen years, some understanding of the complexity and demands of day-to-day living. As well as over twenty years experience of working as a relational body psychotherapist.

I will offer an open exploratory space for us as a group to explore some of the complexity, and challenges for both clients and therapists of working with this material.

This webinar is for anyone who is curious and drawn. Any practitioner who experiences hidden disability and/or long-term health conditions is especially welcome. It’s mostly aimed at counsellors, psychotherapist and allied practitioners who are working with clients with a disability and/or long-term health conditions.

Concessionary places available, please email me to enquire, £35 .
This webinar would also serve as a great taster for my online nine month long, Playing with Fire training, starting October 2024.

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Please be in touch if you have any questions or access needs.
Warmly, Allison.

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£50, ask about concessions