Breathwork in counselling and psychotherapy

Stephen Tame

Date: 25/11/2017
9:30 am - 5:00 pm

About this event

From a therapeutic perspective, when working with emotional distress, breathing is a remarkable resource.

Working with the breath doesn’t need:

-technical knowledge

-specialist skills


Breath is a visible process, and can be more culturally acceptable to bring attention to than many other body processes, it therefore offers a bridge between story, the emotions and embodied experience.

Breath is a muscular process, directed both intentionally and autonomically, it therefore offers a bridge between the conscious and the unconscious.

Breath can be used to resist, to resource, to protect, and to express.

During this experiential workshop we will explore working with the breath, taking an approach of gentle curiosity and support for unfolding process.

We will look at what ideas get in the way of working with breath, and at values and judgements about breathing itself.

My aim is for you to develop greater skill and confidence in integrating working with the breath, in your own way, into your current practice.

The Hearthside Room
The Old Manse
Bovey Tracey
TQ13 9HQ

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Contact Person: Stephen Tame
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£50 (or £120 for series of 3 workshops)