Speaking with Allison yesterday has rekindled my passion for our core Embodied-Relational Therapy training.
This brief video gives some sense of our current thinking and feeling.
Taking part in (what has now evolved into) this training myself, some 26 years ago was a great adventure.
For decades I dated the start of my life to the start of this training.
Following our passion for simply being with our client’s experience, can lead to stillness and clarity, and be a container for clients to make profound change in their relationship with themselves, their lives and their world.

This is reflected in the training itself – we don’t use roleplay, we don’t base safety on rules. We create a strong trustworthy container for trainees to bring themselves fully. we build community together, dropping down through the layers of difficulty, to moments of stillness and change.

In my view, this training can change your life, and the lives of your clients, for the better.

In some ways this is an slightly unusual training – there is no required reading, no external accreditation. We only work with small groups, and we train residentially.
We work with trainees who have some willingness to turn up, to bring their trepidation and hesitancy, and their passion for their work.
Trainees will have some experience in personal growth work, and some prior sense of the terrain of their life experiences, and how this has shaped them. We appreciate trainees being from different disciplines – psychotherapy and counselling, and also yoga teachers, physiotherapists, massage practitioners and others.
So do consider whether this might be for you, find out more here, or you can contact us for conversation.